Update and Travel Nursing coming up.

sunset gandysm
Sunset from Gandy Causeway

So it turns out I am not such a reliable blogger. I have not been camping since my last post when I went camping to Fort Clinch last fall. I have kept myself busy working in labor and delivery getting my required year of current experience so that I can start travel nursing and practicing my photography locally. In a way it feels like I’ve been in limbo. I have been researching travel nursing, and locations and trying to imagine what it will be like and if I will do well with it. Going back to L&D has not been difficult  and I found I have actually enjoyed being back at the bedside helping moms birth babies. Not actually delivering the baby as I did in the past is okay. I’ve done that. Now it’s time for me to move on to something else and develop my photography hobby and travel, letting my career take the back burner and power the ride for awhile. I hope no one is offended by my saying my L&D nursing career is back burner stuff, but at this stage in my career..it kinda is.

owlets on nestsm
Great Horned Owlets

Now that I have just 2 months left until my 1 yr mark, I have contacted 2 (so far) recruiters and am going through the process of on-boarding with them and reviewing actual offers. One question I am asked is where do I want to go? What a hard question. Everywhere, Anywhere (almost). I would like to venture west, Utah, Arizona, California and then north to Oregon, Washington, Alaska, just to name a few.

dunlins in flightsm
Dunlins in Flight

I am preparing to travel by spending money! Shocking, I know. A new deep cycle Renogy battery for my van solar system and a new laptop are on the way. I ordered an Acer Predator gaming laptop that should be powerful enough to power photoshop which is a known power hog. Since my last post, I have also upgraded my camera body to a Canon 5d mark 4. I have been very busy with my photography taking frequent day trips to my favorite locations, Circle B Bar Reserve and Fort Desoto Park, and Northshore Beach.

sunrise saturdaysm
Sunrise after giving up on sleeping in

With so much stuff on my mind, sometimes sleep is uneasy and fitful. Still working on conquering fear of the unknown, inertia, and extra calories.

light trails and bokeh balls 2sm
Downtown lights watching Reggae Rise up from the boat


reddish egret morph med cropjpg
Reddish Egret white morph
eye of the osprey is
Eye of the Osprey

For more Photography, please visit:

lisa-malecki@pixels.com and or

Lisainstpete.com. I am also on

instagram at lisainstpete.

Thanks, Until next time, Lisa


Author: lisasphotospot

In search of new places to explore and photograph.

2 thoughts on “Update and Travel Nursing coming up.”

  1. Great to “see” you back! Fear of unknown! Sounds exciting though. Great photos!! You’ll have such a great time wherever you go. There’s so much to see and photograph. Can’t wait to visit you on your first assignment! I just got off orientation! Taking short trips. Planning another to GA. Come along!


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