Night Photography

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Downtown Tampa pinksm
Downtown Tampa

Time for a change and a new photographic challenge.  I decided to play with night photography and long exposures which in general go together. My photographer friend, Jeff and I met in Downtown Tampa in the River Walk area where the bridges and surrounding areas are lit in ever changing beautiful neon colors. It was a photographers dream and I was happy with my first effort.

playing in the fountainssm

Tampa has created a family friendly area with fountains that are also beautifully lit and well chlorinated so that children and adults alike can jump in and cool off on those warm summer nights.

fountains sm

The palm trees are also lit and together this all created a magical night scene that I didn’t know existed until this shoot even though I live just 30 minutes away in St Petersburg. I have been to this area in the daytime but never before at night.

light trails sm

There are several bridges that cross the Hillsborough River. Here I was set up to take a long exposure and several bikes with lighted wheel spokes rode through creating nice light trails.

downtown tampa purplesm

I was totally impressed by the beautiful colorsballs of light sm

Okay, this was an accident but I liked it for the balls of light effect. Focusing is a bit tricky at night and I had to take the camera out of auto focus to get correct focus.Psycho Reflectionssm

Having had so much fun in Tampa, I decided to go to downtown St Pete to try some night photography there. In the above photo, I was getting a bit bored with editing and liked this funky wave effect on the reflection.

downtown abstractsm

I liked it so much, I went all out 🙂DTSPsm

This is downtown St Pete reflected in the Vinoy Basin of Tampa Bay.DTSP 2sm

Fun with reflections.

I’m not sure if anyone here is interested in camera settings etc. If you are, please let me know in the comments below and I would be happy to share.



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