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So I have decided to start a site on Fine Art America to try and sell some of my photos. The link above will take you there. To this end, I have been uploading …uploading… more uploading. But apparently, uploading is not enough, one also has to promote and market which is where I tend to fall off the wagon.. It has traditionally been difficult for me to put myself out there and market myself and my images but I am trying to get over that.

Question is, why do I want to sell photos apart from the obvious answer of to make some money. There are a few reasons, it helps to give me a purpose for going out and taking more pictures. I have so many images and sometimes I find myself taking even more images of sometimes the same thing, always trying to get a better shot. Then I go home and tweak and edit and sort and play with these images and sometimes eventually get to a point where I think I have a really good image. Then the thought is, OK I have this really good image, now what the hell do I do with it? Is it really good or am I totally biased and way off the mark. Who is ever going to see this but me and maybe my husband or family member that I can beg maybe to come over to the computer and actually look at it. Most of the time they just want to look up from way across the room and say, “Oh that’s nice,” or ” I really can see it from over here. ” One might say personal satisfaction of creating a great shot is enough and in general, it has been but it would really be nice to have the external validation of someone liking my picture enough to plunk down cold hard cash to buy it.

Plus it would be really nice to be able to buy new camera gear with money I earned using my camera gear. Camera gear is expensive and it is a little hard to justify buying even more of it for just a hobby.

So to this end, I have decided to share m site on good old Facebook and see if I can work on getting my name out there and maybe even sell some images. Wish me luck. If anyone reading this has any tips for online photo sales, please share.

Tonight, I am going to be going to Downtown Tampa to do some night photography with my photo buddy, Jeff.


Author: lisasphotospot

In search of new places to explore and photograph.

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