Fall is Coming..in Florida

If you like camping in FLorida, you will be happy that camping /hiking season is almost among us. In the northern parts of the country, folks may be thinking of putting away the shorts and packing it up, but here in Florida this is when we start thinking of going back out in the woods. In the meanwhile, there is the beach which is where I have been hanging out in this heat. At least when it gets so hot you think you might melt, you can strip off your shirt and go for a swim.  My favorite beach haunt is Fort Desoto  in Pinellas county. For a $5.00 fee you can check out various parts of the park, all with a slightly different flavor. Here are some of my recent photos.

path through the sea oatssm

The less traveled path to the beach. It is a bit of a walk and because of all the recent rain, much of the path is under water but only by a few inches.

Wildflowers on the path to the beach. It was windy on this day and trying to get macro shots of these tiny wildflowers was quite a challenge. The purple one in the middle is called forked bluecurls. I don’t know the one on the left and could not find it online. On the left is a cactus.

shore birds sm

The water has been very clear this summer and cooler than usual for August. I rmember in years past, I would go into the water to cool down and it seemed almost as hot as the outside air. On this day, it was actually a bit on the cooler side and I almost did not want to go under.

sand dollar in the surfsm

There are usually a variety of shells. Here is a partially buried sand dollar in the surf. As I walked along this almost  deserted stretch of beach with my camera, I noticed a few signs prohibiting nudity on Pinelas county beaches and noticed some folks in the distance. I had been taking lots of photos ( as usual) with my tripod and long lens mostly trying to get a nice panorama. Finally, I figured out these folks were nude and were probably getting perturbed by me and my camera so I turned around and headed back.

Two black bellied plovers showed up for me on a different stretch of beach.

3 ships passingsm

Sitting on the sand, I saw 3 vessels lining up for a shot. In front is the tug boat managing the barge (brown) in the middle. The Carnival cruise ship heading into the Gulf of Mexico passed in the rear.

pelican take off sm

From the fishing pier I got shots of the pelicans feeding. There were millions of tiny bait fish and a feeding frenzy was in progress.

ripples in the sandsm

At low tide, beautiful patterns are made in the sand. Those 2 heads you see in the distance were the only others in sight. How awesome is it that in the middle of summer you can almost have the beach to yourself. Most beach goers are at the “swimming areas”. Its all a huge swimming area.

light on the sand sm

So as the day was coming to an end, I sat at the edge of the beach delaying the moment of departure. The light was reflecting on the gentle waves. As I was sitting there trying to catch a moment when the waves made a nice pattern on the sand, 2 other photographers came by and we had a nice conversation about photography, gear, locations etc. A great end to a wonderful day.

partial rainbowsm

And for the finale, there was a partial rainbow.

If you like my photos, I have started a site  on Fine Art America where some of my photos are posted for sale. The photos can be printed on canvas, metal, phone cases, mugs among other things.


Thanks for visiting, Lisa



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