Experimenting with Long Exposures

yellow house on pier sm.jpg

I finally took the opportunity to experiment with long exposure photography at Ft De Soto. I have photographed this pier before and knew it would be a good place to start. With a fair amount of trial and error, I got this and several others. This was taken using the Lee Big Stopper filter at ISO 100, f:8, 6.9 sec. The filter comes with a diagram of how long to leave the shutter open but I couldn’t remember if I had the “big” stopper or the “super” stopper ( had the big). Standing in the summer heat on the beach trying to set up long exposure shots while sweating half to death and standing on an ant hill added to the challenge.

under the pier bwsm

I liked the ghosting of the snowy egret under the pier.

pier bw sm

I like how this looks and B&W also.

clouds with sea oatssm

clouds at the beachsm

Of course, since it is Florida in the summertime, huge clouds form and thunderstorms threaten. Happily for me, it did not rain on my parade.

behind the wavesm

The water was warm and clear and great for swimming. I risked taking the camera out into the waves to get a few shots from behind the waves.  Here there are large sections of beach where there are no crowds.

ruins in the surfsm

Part of the brick ruins in the water. Another uncrowded section of the beach.

sea oatssm
Sea Oats
self portrait 5sm
self portrait

Since I had my tripod and lots of time and privacy, I set up for some beach portraits using the remote shutter release (clenched in my left hand). Usually, I am the one behind the camera. The remote shutter release is a bit finicky and may take a bit more practice.

I wanted a reminder of this absolutely beautiful day spent practicing my favorite hobby in one of my favorite places.

going homesm.jpg
Time to leave

Stately Washington palms line the road exiting the ruins.

I haven’t photographed the actual ruins at Ft De Soto in awhile, so that will have to go on my to do list next time I am here.


Author: lisasphotospot

In search of new places to explore and photograph.

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