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About This Site:

Hi, I’m Lisa and I am setting up this site as a journal to document the process of converting a minivan, specifically a 2012 Honda Odyssey, into a camper van and then to log my adventures. My goal is to have a camper van that will not only be good for weekend camping trips but also have the ability to sustain longer, much longer, road trips. The purpose of the van will be to explore and photograph North America. However, I will start in my home state of Florida. profile pic

This will also be the site where I will post and share my photography. Photography is my passion. Being able to travel around Florida and the USA taking photographs really excites me. My photography can also be seen at lisa-malecki.pixels.com and lisainstpete.com

About me: I was born in Jamaica and migrated to Florida with my family in 1980. I became a US citizen in 1997. I am married and have 2 children who are now in college. I have been told I am having a midlife crisis because I am selling my nice peppy Volvo to buy this minivan at a time when women my age are selling the van to buy the sporty car. But I feel ready for adventure.

Update and Travel Nursing coming up.

sunset gandysm
Sunset from Gandy Causeway

So it turns out I am not such a reliable blogger. I have not been camping since my last post when I went camping to Fort Clinch last fall. I have kept myself busy working in labor and delivery getting my required year of current experience so that I can start travel nursing and practicing my photography locally. In a way it feels like I’ve been in limbo. I have been researching travel nursing, and locations and trying to imagine what it will be like and if I will do well with it. Going back to L&D has not been difficult  and I found I have actually enjoyed being back at the bedside helping moms birth babies. Not actually delivering the baby as I did in the past is okay. I’ve done that. Now it’s time for me to move on to something else and develop my photography hobby and travel, letting my career take the back burner and power the ride for awhile. I hope no one is offended by my saying my L&D nursing career is back burner stuff, but at this stage in my career..it kinda is.

owlets on nestsm
Great Horned Owlets

Now that I have just 2 months left until my 1 yr mark, I have contacted 2 (so far) recruiters and am going through the process of on-boarding with them and reviewing actual offers. One question I am asked is where do I want to go? What a hard question. Everywhere, Anywhere (almost). I would like to venture west, Utah, Arizona, California and then north to Oregon, Washington, Alaska, just to name a few.

dunlins in flightsm
Dunlins in Flight

I am preparing to travel by spending money! Shocking, I know. A new deep cycle Renogy battery for my van solar system and a new laptop are on the way. I ordered an Acer Predator gaming laptop that should be powerful enough to power photoshop which is a known power hog. Since my last post, I have also upgraded my camera body to a Canon 5d mark 4. I have been very busy with my photography taking frequent day trips to my favorite locations, Circle B Bar Reserve and Fort Desoto Park, and Northshore Beach.

sunrise saturdaysm
Sunrise after giving up on sleeping in

With so much stuff on my mind, sometimes sleep is uneasy and fitful. Still working on conquering fear of the unknown, inertia, and extra calories.

light trails and bokeh balls 2sm
Downtown lights watching Reggae Rise up from the boat


reddish egret morph med cropjpg
Reddish Egret white morph
eye of the osprey is
Eye of the Osprey

For more Photography, please visit:

lisa-malecki@pixels.com and or

Lisainstpete.com. I am also on

instagram at lisainstpete.

Thanks, Until next time, Lisa

Van Camping Fort Clinch

Yay, fall is finally here in Florida and for me that means it is cool enough to go camping again. For the first excursion I decided to visit Fort Clinch and Little Talbot Island State park. These parks are on the North East corner of Florida and Fort Clinch actually overlooks Cumberland Sound and you can see into Georgia from there.

fort clinchsm

sea oats in sunset glow sm

On this excursion, my husband Ron came accompanied me as we happen to also be celebrating our 29th yr anniversary. It’s a good test to see how well the minivan accommodates 2 adults. The first evening we took a long afternoon walk on the beach next to the fort where the big activity is fishing and hunting for the elusive sharks teeth that are reputed to wash up here.  After a while of searching unsuccessfully for sharks teeth, I asked a guy that was fishing if he had seen any and he pulled out this pill bottle half full of teeth that he had found that day.

sea oats sunsetsm
Sunset through the sea oats
shrimp boat sm
Shrimp boat coming in for the night
gnarly treesm
Gnarly tree

After sunset we made it to the campground where we discovered that the sites are actually a short walk from the parking area. This was a bit of a hassle as it meant we had to carry stuff back and forth from the van when at that point we really just wanted to chill. Ron made a fire and we had a nice evening.

The next day, we explored inside Fort Clinch.

cannons at fort clinch

fort clinchsm

inside ft clinch 2 sm

The brickwork is beautiful and well preserved.

After this, we explored a different area of the coast and continued to search for shark’s teeth which sort of became an obsession with a contest about who could find the first one.( I did).


Also picked up a few shells.


terns sm
terns and skimmers sm

We took our morning coffee to the beach and watched and I photographed the birds.


sunset on the rockssm
After sunset

Headed back to the campsite after watching the sunset on the beach. Once again getting back after dark. This night we just had dinner cold and set up our chairs next to the van and didn’t bother with the actual campsite. Much more relaxing especially after a long day exploring. My iphone step counter claims 15,033 steps. As an added bonus, we saw a nice shooting star.

purple grass sm

sand dunessm

last lightsm

I just love the sea oats.

Black and White Wavesm
The Wave

The last day, before heading back to St Petersburg, we stopped at Little Talbot State Park. This is a totally undeveloped barrier island and it was beautiful.tree in surf sm

I forgot to bring my tripod from the van so I tried to set up a long exposure using my backpack as a tripod. That didn’t work too well.

big tree in surfsm
Little Talbot Island

fishing sm

He caught pompano and redfish.

turtle crossing sm

How does the turtle know where to cross???


osprey sm

ron lisa 29 annivsm

Selfie of Ron and I on our 29th year anniversary. I was happy to have his company on this excursion and I hope he will come along again in the future. (Plus he carried my heavy camera backpack). Two of us in the van was actually more comfy than we thought and we slept in both mornings even though I thought we would be up to see the sunrise.

Photos printed on mugs, towels, wall tapestries, wood, metal,canvas etc. for sale at lisa-malecki.pixels.com

What I learned:

My camera batteries are getting a bit old now (2 yrs) and with heavy use, they are not holding a charge as long. I thought I had them both charged when we set out but soon discovered that one was not. I had to run the van for 30 mins to recharge the battery. Since then, I bought a Tripp-Lite 200 watt inverter so that I will be able to charge the battery off of the solar power source.

power inverter

Also, I’d rather van camp at sites where I can pull directly up to the site.

camping book

Plus I bought an updated version of my favorite camping guide. I am always ready to benefit from the research of those who have gone before. My old version was from 2000. The new one is c 2016. The author is Johnny Malloy

Night Photography

If you like my photos, please check out lisa-malecki.pixels.com

Downtown Tampa pinksm
Downtown Tampa

Time for a change and a new photographic challenge.  I decided to play with night photography and long exposures which in general go together. My photographer friend, Jeff and I met in Downtown Tampa in the River Walk area where the bridges and surrounding areas are lit in ever changing beautiful neon colors. It was a photographers dream and I was happy with my first effort.

playing in the fountainssm

Tampa has created a family friendly area with fountains that are also beautifully lit and well chlorinated so that children and adults alike can jump in and cool off on those warm summer nights.

fountains sm

The palm trees are also lit and together this all created a magical night scene that I didn’t know existed until this shoot even though I live just 30 minutes away in St Petersburg. I have been to this area in the daytime but never before at night.

light trails sm

There are several bridges that cross the Hillsborough River. Here I was set up to take a long exposure and several bikes with lighted wheel spokes rode through creating nice light trails.

downtown tampa purplesm

I was totally impressed by the beautiful colorsballs of light sm

Okay, this was an accident but I liked it for the balls of light effect. Focusing is a bit tricky at night and I had to take the camera out of auto focus to get correct focus.Psycho Reflectionssm

Having had so much fun in Tampa, I decided to go to downtown St Pete to try some night photography there. In the above photo, I was getting a bit bored with editing and liked this funky wave effect on the reflection.

downtown abstractsm

I liked it so much, I went all out 🙂DTSPsm

This is downtown St Pete reflected in the Vinoy Basin of Tampa Bay.DTSP 2sm

Fun with reflections.

I’m not sure if anyone here is interested in camera settings etc. If you are, please let me know in the comments below and I would be happy to share.


Online Photo Sales

self portrait sm.jpg


So I have decided to start a site on Fine Art America to try and sell some of my photos. The link above will take you there. To this end, I have been uploading …uploading… more uploading. But apparently, uploading is not enough, one also has to promote and market which is where I tend to fall off the wagon.. It has traditionally been difficult for me to put myself out there and market myself and my images but I am trying to get over that.

Question is, why do I want to sell photos apart from the obvious answer of to make some money. There are a few reasons, it helps to give me a purpose for going out and taking more pictures. I have so many images and sometimes I find myself taking even more images of sometimes the same thing, always trying to get a better shot. Then I go home and tweak and edit and sort and play with these images and sometimes eventually get to a point where I think I have a really good image. Then the thought is, OK I have this really good image, now what the hell do I do with it? Is it really good or am I totally biased and way off the mark. Who is ever going to see this but me and maybe my husband or family member that I can beg maybe to come over to the computer and actually look at it. Most of the time they just want to look up from way across the room and say, “Oh that’s nice,” or ” I really can see it from over here. ” One might say personal satisfaction of creating a great shot is enough and in general, it has been but it would really be nice to have the external validation of someone liking my picture enough to plunk down cold hard cash to buy it.

Plus it would be really nice to be able to buy new camera gear with money I earned using my camera gear. Camera gear is expensive and it is a little hard to justify buying even more of it for just a hobby.

So to this end, I have decided to share m site on good old Facebook and see if I can work on getting my name out there and maybe even sell some images. Wish me luck. If anyone reading this has any tips for online photo sales, please share.

Tonight, I am going to be going to Downtown Tampa to do some night photography with my photo buddy, Jeff.

Fall is Coming..in Florida

If you like camping in FLorida, you will be happy that camping /hiking season is almost among us. In the northern parts of the country, folks may be thinking of putting away the shorts and packing it up, but here in Florida this is when we start thinking of going back out in the woods. In the meanwhile, there is the beach which is where I have been hanging out in this heat. At least when it gets so hot you think you might melt, you can strip off your shirt and go for a swim.  My favorite beach haunt is Fort Desoto  in Pinellas county. For a $5.00 fee you can check out various parts of the park, all with a slightly different flavor. Here are some of my recent photos.

path through the sea oatssm

The less traveled path to the beach. It is a bit of a walk and because of all the recent rain, much of the path is under water but only by a few inches.

Wildflowers on the path to the beach. It was windy on this day and trying to get macro shots of these tiny wildflowers was quite a challenge. The purple one in the middle is called forked bluecurls. I don’t know the one on the left and could not find it online. On the left is a cactus.

shore birds sm

The water has been very clear this summer and cooler than usual for August. I rmember in years past, I would go into the water to cool down and it seemed almost as hot as the outside air. On this day, it was actually a bit on the cooler side and I almost did not want to go under.

sand dollar in the surfsm

There are usually a variety of shells. Here is a partially buried sand dollar in the surf. As I walked along this almost  deserted stretch of beach with my camera, I noticed a few signs prohibiting nudity on Pinelas county beaches and noticed some folks in the distance. I had been taking lots of photos ( as usual) with my tripod and long lens mostly trying to get a nice panorama. Finally, I figured out these folks were nude and were probably getting perturbed by me and my camera so I turned around and headed back.

Two black bellied plovers showed up for me on a different stretch of beach.

3 ships passingsm

Sitting on the sand, I saw 3 vessels lining up for a shot. In front is the tug boat managing the barge (brown) in the middle. The Carnival cruise ship heading into the Gulf of Mexico passed in the rear.

pelican take off sm

From the fishing pier I got shots of the pelicans feeding. There were millions of tiny bait fish and a feeding frenzy was in progress.

ripples in the sandsm

At low tide, beautiful patterns are made in the sand. Those 2 heads you see in the distance were the only others in sight. How awesome is it that in the middle of summer you can almost have the beach to yourself. Most beach goers are at the “swimming areas”. Its all a huge swimming area.

light on the sand sm

So as the day was coming to an end, I sat at the edge of the beach delaying the moment of departure. The light was reflecting on the gentle waves. As I was sitting there trying to catch a moment when the waves made a nice pattern on the sand, 2 other photographers came by and we had a nice conversation about photography, gear, locations etc. A great end to a wonderful day.

partial rainbowsm

And for the finale, there was a partial rainbow.

If you like my photos, I have started a site  on Fine Art America where some of my photos are posted for sale. The photos can be printed on canvas, metal, phone cases, mugs among other things.


Thanks for visiting, Lisa


Experimenting with Long Exposures

yellow house on pier sm.jpg

I finally took the opportunity to experiment with long exposure photography at Ft De Soto. I have photographed this pier before and knew it would be a good place to start. With a fair amount of trial and error, I got this and several others. This was taken using the Lee Big Stopper filter at ISO 100, f:8, 6.9 sec. The filter comes with a diagram of how long to leave the shutter open but I couldn’t remember if I had the “big” stopper or the “super” stopper ( had the big). Standing in the summer heat on the beach trying to set up long exposure shots while sweating half to death and standing on an ant hill added to the challenge.

under the pier bwsm

I liked the ghosting of the snowy egret under the pier.

pier bw sm

I like how this looks and B&W also.

clouds with sea oatssm

clouds at the beachsm

Of course, since it is Florida in the summertime, huge clouds form and thunderstorms threaten. Happily for me, it did not rain on my parade.

behind the wavesm

The water was warm and clear and great for swimming. I risked taking the camera out into the waves to get a few shots from behind the waves.  Here there are large sections of beach where there are no crowds.

ruins in the surfsm

Part of the brick ruins in the water. Another uncrowded section of the beach.

sea oatssm
Sea Oats
self portrait 5sm
self portrait

Since I had my tripod and lots of time and privacy, I set up for some beach portraits using the remote shutter release (clenched in my left hand). Usually, I am the one behind the camera. The remote shutter release is a bit finicky and may take a bit more practice.

I wanted a reminder of this absolutely beautiful day spent practicing my favorite hobby in one of my favorite places.

going homesm.jpg
Time to leave

Stately Washington palms line the road exiting the ruins.

I haven’t photographed the actual ruins at Ft De Soto in awhile, so that will have to go on my to do list next time I am here.

Catch Up and Let Go

That’s my new motto having just finished reading a book called the Untethered Soul by Michael Singer which I highly recommend. That photo is also on my i phone lock screen to help me remember. Now that I have young adult offspring (not children) it’s highly recommended that I figure out how to let go as I really don’t have any semblance of control and any idea of control I thought I had was just an illusion anyway. Harder to let go are feelings of guilt or responsibility when they experience roadblocks.

Professionally, I am in the process of letting go of a prior role and embracing a new one. This is not proving to be as hard as I thought it would be. I have done this before in my past and a lot of the work there has already been done. Ego can not get in my way. I am not what I do.

Not much about minivan camping here as it is fairly brutal camping weather here in Florida in the summer. I have gotten some new camera filters that I am going to be experimenting with doing long exposures and such. One of the things I love about photography is is always new techniques to explore. I may take a break sometimes but always come back.